Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiration Board: Green and Brown

Another board coming up!

While I was browsing through some forums, I stumbled upon a discussion about having green and brown as a possible color motif. One commented that the colors reminded her of trees, so she wasn't really keen on it.

But honestly, I like this combination. It's refreshing on the eyes and I like colors that represent nature or Mother Earth. I believe that, given the right shades, a green and brown combo exudes simple elegance and freshness.

Check out this inspiration board I made:

Top row: William's Bridal, Floral Verde, Project Wedding.
Middle row: Creative Outlook Designs via Flickr, Beau-coup.
Bottom row: The Flower Kiosk, Charlotte Geary, Jenny Yoo
Green and brown is a nice combination to use for afternoon and nature-themed weddings. Hope you find inspiration in this board I made today. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Board: Blue and Gold

Wow, it's been this long since I've posted? So sorry, guys.

And yeah, I know I've done a board with blue and gold. But I got inspired after reading some forums discussing about their wedding motifs. This combination is really, really stunning, in my opinion. I chose a lighter blue shade, something near Tiffany Blue for this inspiration board.

So if you're all for a blue and gold combination for a wedding, take a look at what I did:

Top row: Martha Stewart Weddings, Sottero & Midgley, Zappos, Jacarandadesigns via Etsy.
Middle row: Sauci, Justin Lee Photography via A Subtle Revelry.
Bottom row: Alfred Angelo, DavieandChiyo via Etsy, W-Weddingflowers.