Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding video: Coy Placido and Tuesday Vargas

One of the funniest and most touching wedding videos I've seen so far is from Filipino comedienne Tuesday Vargas (now Marizel Sarangelo-Placido in real life). Her beach wedding to guitarist Coy Placido (of Session Road) in Discovery Shores Boracay looked magnificent and fun. Love her serpentina gown. And her vows, too. :)

Mayad Studios does an absolutely great job, capturing the fun and love that surrounded their union. Here's the video for your enjoyment:

Jerico and Marizel (Tuesday Vargas) from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Here's an English translation (well, roughly) of parts of the bride's wedding vows:

"In my life, I've had a lot of dreams: to be a great doctor, to be a beauty queen, and to get married in a beautiful place to a hunk of a guy. I can say that today, one of my dreams has come true: that of becoming a beauty queen."

"Coy, I would like to thank you for the countless times you have saved my life from the abyss. Thank you for the love you have shown me and Kaya, a love that does not expect something in return. Whatever happens, even if we adopt too many cats, become has-beens which won't happen because we're not even famous yet, be laughed at by kids when we're 70 because we're all wrinkled and still have a lot of tattoos, we'll face everything together and with hands holding each other's."

"Today, with all my heart, I give you my life. I will make sure you'll have every reason to be happy. My heart overflows with joy to be wed to my only love."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding gowns: Pronovias' 2011 Collection

Here's another wedding dress collection that will surely leave every bride-to-be glued to the screen. Divided into 7 different categories, Pronovias keeps up to their title as the world's leading bridal house with their oh-so fabulous designs.

I guess it helped that the 2011 collection was classified into 7 different categories. Makes it easier to pick which one you'd really like. In this post, I chose to feature one design that I absolutely adore from each category.

If you're the type of bride who wants to wear something that's light and follows your every move, you can pick a gown from Pronovias' Coleccion Fashion. The gowns in this category are made with soft fabrics, feminine cuts, and feather/rhinestone appliques.

For the modern bride, the wedding dresses from Coleccion City offers a great selection. Most of the gowns here are short and streamlined, made of Mikado silk and satin, and adorned with jeweled embellishments and embroidery.

A wedding is a girl's fantasy come true, so why not wear a wedding gown that features dreamy silhouettes and embellishments? Gowns from the Coleccion Dreams boast volume via ruffles and beautiful appliques. The result -- a bridal gown that's simply magical.

Wedding gowns from Coleccion Glamour will surely make you the center of attraction, as you should be. Boasting rich fabrics, soft ruffles, pleats and embellished jewels, the gowns from this Pronovias collection speak of sheer sophistication and elegance.

The wedding dresses from Coleccion Ball Gowns will surely make you look and feel like a queen on your special day. The satin and taffeta gowns of this collection feature bouffant skirts and corseted waists. For a look that's straight out of a fairy tale, I would suggest picking a gown from this collection.

If you want a gown that's super chic and contemporary, the wedding dresses from Coleccion Style is perfect for you. What I like about the design of the wedding gowns in this collection is the silhouettes that emphasize your great curves.

If you want to go for a classic look, then choose a wedding gown from the Coleccion Costura. The gowns feature romantic silhouettes, not too frilly but still so elegant. Some of the dresses from this collection feature sleeves that may be removed for the reception party.

You can see more of the lovely wedding gowns of Pronovias when you visit their website.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A royal wedding: Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

The weekend saw a wedding that's as glitzy and glamorous as a Hollywood union. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden tied the knot with her former fitness trainer, Daniel Westling, after 8 years of being together.

Their love story is one that's like straight out of a romantic novel that ends in a happy ever after with a marriage blessed by both sets of parents. Incidentally, the Princess Victoria's parents, King Carl Gustaf XVI and Queen Silvia, were wed on the same day 34 years ago.

The Crown Princess looked radiant and beautiful in her duchess satin wedding gown with a 5-meter train attached to the waist. She wears a tiara, the same one the Queen wore on her own wedding, with her veil.

The princess was escorted by the King as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom.

They're just so regal and beautiful...

Of course, the groom was in a dashing tuxedo. I think his glasses added a bit of charm to his overall look.

The next photo shows him alongside the Princess' brother, Prince Carl Philip, on the tiffany blue carpet.

Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine complete Sweden's royal family. They look absolutely gorgeous in their respective gowns.

Daniel's parents were also in attendance for their son's very special day.

The wedding was well-attended by over 1,000 guests, including royalties and aristocrats from different countries. And because it was a royal wedding, everyone was indeed dressed to the nines. You can see the royal couple's wedding guests here.

Princess Victoria and now Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, look so happy and in love. Let's all wish them to have a happy and successful marriage.

Photo credits: OhNoTheyDidnt-Livejournal. News from and

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding invitation designs

Wedding invitations are as important as any item on your wedding list. Aside from spreading the news to your friends and relatives via word of mouth, wedding invitations are actual evidence that you and your partner are sealing the deal.

Just as you put much thought on what to wear and how to decorate your venue, so should you think about the overall look of your wedding invitation. It speaks of you and your soon-to-be spouse, and the theme and mood of your big day. Depending on the design, wedding invitations tell your guests to expect either a very formal event or a whimsical themed reception.

There are a lot of wedding invitation designs ranging from the classic to the contemporary to the unique. Here are some inspirations for your wedding invitations:

1st row, from left: Double Line Border invitation from; Cheska pocketfold invitation from; Passport wedding invitation from; Silk Box Wedding Invitation by

2nd row, from left: Emerald jeweled wedding invitation from; Rangoli letterpress invitation from; Te Amo invitation with lock from; Pop-up Wedding Invitation from

3rd row, from left: Tropical Message invitation in a bottle from; Chinese Wedding Invitation from; A5 Cards caricature wedding invitation from; Storybook Invitation from

Monday, June 7, 2010

An almost change

Just when I thought all is well, the site hosting my template was suddenly removed. I thought I had to look for another template (which I did, so to some it may have looked like hodge-podge a few minutes ago). Good thing I found the same template from a different source. Whew!

Thank you, Google and Blogger Blog Templates. :)

Inspiration board - Pink and Gold

I've always been in love with pink. Ever since I was a girl, I'd say that's my favorite color. That's why I came up with this inspiration board with pink as the main color and gold as the accent.

The combination is classic and elegant. I'd say this is a great motif color for probably a vintage or English tea party theme. And to get you started, here is my collage of photos to give you an idea for a pink (or blush) and gold wedding.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wedding gowns: La Sposa's 2011 Collection

The La Sposa website has unveiled its new collection of bridal wear. And boy, are they so gorgeous! One thing La Sposa is not is "too simple." Each wedding gown made by them is so elegant, you'll actually want to wear them all.

For this collection, the gowns had a range of designs featuring smooth silhouettes, jeweled embellishments, lace appliques, rosettes, and bouffant skirts, just to name a few. Here is a sampling of what you can expect from their latest collection:

Top row, from left: Dahir, Delami, Dark, and Danza. Bottom row, from left: Darling, Damasco, Dedalo, and Desmont.

Check out La Sposa's 2011 Collection here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A new look

I don't know. I just felt I had to change the layout of my blog. I wanted some personality for it, I guess.

And so here it is, the new look of Inspired Weddings.

Thanks to for this wonderful template.

Stay tuned for more inspiring wedding ideas!