Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bridal accessories: Jennifer Behr headwraps

I first heard about Jennifer Behr when one of her works was featured in the series Gossip Girl and worn by no less than Leighton Meester's character. Since then, everyone was raving about those fashionable headbands laden with Swarovski crystals. I think every girl who watched the show wanted one.

Out of curiosity, I checked out Behr's website to see her creations. I must say, I love it! Perfect to wear in so many occasions, including weddings. Incidentally, she also has a Bridal Collection which features headbands, headwraps, and even birdcage veils. Among the items in the collection, the headwraps caught my attention. See why:
Jennifer Behr's Bridal Collection headwraps. Top, from left: Belinda, Victorian crystal and silk satin headwrap, Petite vined crystal headwrap, Double crystal scallop headwrap. Bottom from left: Overlapping crystal twist, Encrusted crystals on silk chiffon, Wide crystal lace headwrap, Petite crystal and satin headwrap. All taken from JenniferBehr.com.
I also found more headwraps from her Seasonal Collection which can be worn during your wedding, too:
Crystal lace headwrap and Encrusted crystal padded headband, all from Jennifer Behr's Seasonal Collection.
To be honest, I don't see a lot of brides wearing headwraps. It's either a tiara or some crystal pins under the veil. These headwraps give a unique twist to your look: it's like a mix of vintage, classic and sophisticated. So if you want to stand out from all the other brides, of if you plan to have a Gossip Girl-themed wedding, why not be inspired with these headwraps from Jennifer Behr?


  1. I love the one in the bottom-right one on the first photo. I think Anne Curtis sports a Jennifer Behr headwrap, expensive!

  2. @badet,

    yes i saw that featured on TV, i like it but i think you can't find it here in Manila.