Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding flowers: Tulips

Another staple in weddings is the tulip. Many brides opt for a bouquet of tulips because of its simple, delicate and elegant look.

Tulips come in different colors. And like the rose, each of its color also has a meaning. lists a few common tulip colors and their symbolism: Red tulips mean "perfect love," yellow tulips mean "cheerful thoughts," white tulips mean "forgiveness," and purple tulips mean "royalty."

Because they are basically grown in spring, one needs to know that tulips are sensitive to high temperatures. The Wedding Flower Guide site suggests that you should make sure it gets plenty of water by putting them in a vase or a wet foam prior to the ceremony. You wouldn't want photos of your wilted tulip bouquet, right?

Tulips look great as a bouquet when bunched up or tied together. But you could also combine them with other flowers to create a burst of color and varied texture. See the collection of tulip bouquets I found over the Internet and get inspired to create your own tulip bridal bouquet.

1st column, from top: Tulips, calla lilies, roses, and hydrangeas from; Purple tulips and anemone from; Tulips and white orchids at

2nd column, from top: Two dozen red tulips from; Cream French tulips and stephanotis collar from; Spring Bridal Bouquet of tulips, roses, old fashioned stock, ranunculus, freesia, and hydrandias from


  1. tulips are nice, but i love red roses better :)

  2. Nice All(Tulips, calla lilies, roses, and hydrangeas)Wedding Flowers can be beautiful, georgous and really make the wedding day.