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Accessorizing with the best bridal jewelry for your look

It's common knowledge that brides put a lot of thought on their wedding gowns. But for that total look, the accessories the bride wears on the big day help make the spotlight shine brighter on her. And picking the jewelry that goes best with your gown is very important.

So how do you know what bridal jewelry would go well with your overall look? One of the things you have to remember is that the accessories you wear should complement your gown and not overshadow it.

Different dress necklines require different kinds of jewelry. Strapless gowns are pretty easy, because you can wear any kind of necklace with it. And because this type of neckline adds focus to your shoulders and face, jewelry that enhances your beautiful features is a must. You can go for a Y-strand necklace or even a choker for a clean look. Match it with some earrings to finish this elegant style.

Y-strand necklaces can also be worn with a sweetheart or V-neck wedding gown. Chokers are also a good option, especially for V-neck gowns because it gives a cleaner look.

A backless or low back wedding gown will show a lot of skin. Accessorize that bare part with a bridal lariat, a necklace that has a dangle at the back area. Of course, you can wear a simple strand necklace and leave your back bare for a sexy look.

Halter top wedding dresses also go well with a bridal lariat, drawing more attention on the back, or even a Y-strand necklace, which follows the flow of the neckline.

The traditional square neck goes well with simple accessories. A single or double strand necklace, a pair of earrings, and bracelet look great with your square neck wedding gown. If you're thinking of going vintage, a choker and stud earrings are perfect choices.

For brides going for off-the-shoulder wedding gowns, there are also a lot of options for accessories. Single strand necklaces frame the face elegantly. They can also go for Y-strands or lariats, depending on how much skin it shows on the back.

If your wedding gown has a scoop neckline, a multi-strand necklace will frame your neckline perfectly especially if the neckline is pretty low. This type of wedding dress also goes great with a simple single strand or Y-strand necklace, or a choker.

You won't need to wear a necklace if your bridal gown is an asymmetrical or one-shoulder dress. The necklace would just seem out of place. You can instead accessorize with teardrop or dangling earrings and a jeweled hair vine.

A hair vine is a great bridal accessory if you're pretty much doing away with your bridal veil. But even under a veil, it gives a dainty look. Anyway, guests will see the true beauty of your hair vine once you take off the veil for the reception party.

Another accessory most brides can't do away is a pair of earrings. They frame and put the focus on the face, and even with different necklines, you can easily wear earrings to finish off your look.

For the earrings, what's important to know is that aside from the dress, the kind of earrings you're going to wear should complement your face shape. If your face is round, go for earrings with angular designs or with a dangle. For rectangular shaped faces, stud earrings and hoop earrings are good choices since they do not elongate the face further. Brides with oval face shapes can do with any type of earrings.

Also take note of the hairstyle you're wearing on your big day to determine what type of earring you have to choose. Go for an updo, such as a bun, if you're wearing stud earrings. Otherwise, it will just be invisible to the eye.

It's not just the face and the neck that has to be accessorized. Also an essential bridal jewelry is the bracelet. There are many bracelet options you can choose from, like a cuff or a simple one-strand wedding tennis bracelet. Just like the other bridal jewelry mentioned, choosing a bracelet also has a few rules. If you're not wearing gloves, a cuff or multi-strand bracelet would be a good option. If you're wearing plain gloves on your wedding day, a diamond tennis bracelet would be a great accessory to go with it.

Finding the perfect wedding jewelry for your look need not be hard. It's just a matter of knowing your style and what you like. Keep in mind, though, to not over-accessorize -- your bridal jewelry are not the stars of the show. You are. Remember that accessories enhance your overall look, so choose what goes best for you and you'll be effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day.

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