Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding flowers: Roses

One of the most common wedding flowers is the rose. My wedding bouquet had a bunch of pink roses mixed in it. Many brides opt for roses because of its romantic look and year-round seasonality. And because of that, it's somewhat inexpensive compared to other flowers that grow depending on the season.

Roses come in a lot of colors, too. Sometimes these colors also have meanings. The red rose means love and passion. Roses in white mean purity and innocence, while pink may stand for appreciation or admiration. Yellow roses may mean joy, friendship, or sometimes jealousy. Read here for more rose colors and their meanings.
Roses also come in different varieties. There are those that are really fragrant, and some don't have any smell at all. Depending on your preference, you can go for Hybrid Tea or Spray or Ecuadorian roses. You can also mix them with other flowers. My bouquet was composed of green carnations and pink roses.

Timeless, classic, romantic. It's no wonder that roses are a popular choice of brides and wedding florists.

1st row, from left: Ecuador roses from; Black Baccara and freedom roses and coral roses and calla lilies, both from

2nd row, from left: Rossini roses and calla lilies from; Wired style bridal bouquet of roses and Lisianthus with small pearl accents from; Green carnations and pink roses, blogger's own.

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