Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The June bride

People said that getting married in June -- or becoming a June bride -- was believed to be lucky by many, that's why June is a month booked with so many weddings.

Well, I didn't get married in June (we were supposed to, before hubby reached his 30th birthday, but due to some circumstances, it was moved to August), but why do many couples choose June as a month to wed?

AisleDash.com shares that this belief began with the Romans, wherein the month is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of relationships. And because she reigns over women and marriage, it was said that brides getting married during her month, which is June, will enjoy a happy married life.

SuperWeddings.com brings another light into the myth or tradition. June was a popular month to get married because during the 1400-1500, people can take a bath once in a year -- which was during May. By June, people were smelling fresh, which was a good time to hold celebrations such as weddings. Now isn't that odd?

I guess June is also a good choice since by this month, it's summer in some countries. Well, not here in the Philippines, though...

So, are you a June bride?

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