Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding projects you could do yourself

When my husband and I were in the thick of the wedding preparations, one thing that we always kept in mind was meeting the set budget. Unfortunately, with a limited budget, we couldn't splurge for some things like grand invites and funky souvenirs. So we thought of saving some money by doing some wedding DIY projects.

If you come to think about it, there are many wedding items you can actually do on your own. It just takes some time, patience and creativity to make it happen. On our end, we chose to create a few things using materials that are readily available in the market and would cost less than if we had it done in a shop, such as our wedding invitations and favors. We just needed some paper and a trusty printer and voila! Done!

If you have a graphics program installed in your computer, a printer and some nice paper or cardboard, you can also create save the dates, programs, table numbers and thank you cards by yourself. If you're into crafts, you can create simple table centerpieces or even the pillow for your rings. You can even hand tie your own flowers or embellish your own unity candle.

How each project will cost depends on the materials you will use. As a tip, drop by thrift stores or look for shops that sell the raw materials for wholesale price. When you have all the stuff you need, channel your creative energies on assembling and creating your DIY piece.

There are lots of wedding things which can be your DIY projects. Not only does it save you on costs, it also gives your wedding that unique, personal touch. Just remember to allot ample time for each project, preferably months before your wedding day (just so it won't be stressful for you), and ask help from talented family and friends as well.

Photo credit: Tools by konarska and Flowers in water 2 by stachoo, both from sxc.hu.

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