Thursday, December 3, 2009

Colored wedding gowns

It's always been tradition that brides should wear white on their wedding day. Wearing white is a symbol of the bride's purity. And of course, it makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

But lately, some brides opt for bridal gowns that come in colors other than just pure white. Either the embellishments, like beadwork or sashes, are infused with the wedding's color motif, or the whole gown itself isn't white.

Wearing a colored wedding gown is a statement of the desire to be unique and contemporary. Though other people, especially the older ones in the family, may frown upon this, colored gowns are slowly making their way in the runway and in the aisles.

There are some things, though, that you should take note of when you're going for a colored wedding gown: first, it should complement your skin tone, and second, its design and shade should be different from your bridesmaids' or they could wear dresses with a complementary color. Otherwise, you'd just look like the others in your entourage.

Here's a board which showcases colored wedding gowns, all for your inspiration. Colored wedding gowns may not be for all, but for the more adventurous bride, you can take a shot at this.Top row, from left: Style M565 from; Purple Strapless Satin Wedding Gown from; Style VE8025 from; Style Y2940 from; Suzanne from

Bottom row, from left: Style GR163 from; Style 2037 from; Style CO72727 from; Carole - 7236 from; Zenia from

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