Thursday, December 10, 2009

Themed Weddings

Gone are the days when it's only the color motif that makes your wedding stand out. Theme weddings are now in vogue and are slowly being adopted by many couples today.

Themed weddings are mostly based on the couples' shared interests, personalities, and lifestyle. From one theme, the rest of the wedding essentials are coordinated to this idea: the dress, invitations, souvenirs, styling, etc.

For example, for a vintage-inspired wedding theme, you can use a vintage bridal car as transport. You can get dress design inspirations from the 50s. Brides using this wedding theme can wear birdcage veils as headpieces. For the reception, hire musicians who can play songs from the Big Band Era.

Summer-themed weddings can use flowers that are in season. Use sunflowers for your bouquet. If you're having a beach wedding, incorporate a sand ceremony and have everyone come in flip flops during the ceremony and reception by the shore.

If you choose to have a fairy tale wedding theme, it would be nice to coordinate your entourage's dresses with the theme. Your flowergirls will definitely look really cute as they saunter down the aisle wearing fairy wings. Use pastel colors or some greens and yellows as the motif. You can have a wedding dress with ballgown skirt ala-Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Find inspiration from those old fantasy and fairy tale movies.

Green weddings are so much in vogue nowadays, and you can have one, too. Give potted plants or plant seeds as giveaways. Use recycled products as decors and table centerpieces. You can even use recycled paper for your invitations. It's pretty and helps you save the environment at the same time.

If you or your partner comes from an Asian family and you want to celebrate the Asian culture, you can choose souvenirs that speak of the theme. Chopsticks with your names etched on them or parasols made of bamboo would be perfect giveaways. You can have your cake maker create pastries using details that revolves around your theme. Cherry blossoms or cake toppers with Japanese dolls are sure to be a hit among your guests.

If your interest lies in sport, then have a sports themed wedding. Use golf placecard holders on the reception tables. Bring in a mini sports bag or baseball caps as souvenirs. Votives shaped like yachts also spell of "sportsman."

If both of you love movies, then go for a Hollywood or movie-themed wedding. Shape your save-the-date cards into movie tickets, or your invitation into a movie clapper or film reel. Make a sort-of movie poster of you and your partner and play romantic movie theme songs during your reception. Or you can be your own star in your sci-fi-inspired union, like this couple in a "Star Wars" wedding.

You can also base your theme on the time of season you're having your wedding. For spring, you can incorporate blooms like roses, lilies, tulips, and the like. For the dresses, you can choose dresses with sleeves or wraps for your bridesmaids. Have fresh greens on the menu during the reception.

For autumn, you can use reds, oranges, and yellows as the color motif. Caramel apples would sure be a hit with guests, kids and adults alike. For the centerpiece, go for silk maple leaves with pumpkin-shaped votives.

Incorporate snowflake designs on your winter-themed wedding. Fur wraps and coats will look fashionable and, at the same time, will come in handy when the cold winter chill breezes in. Location is also vital: some venues would probably have winter or Christmas decorations put up, so you won't need to style it much as the venue already gives out the winter-y feel.

There are still a lot of wedding themes you can think of, just remember that it should fit your personalities and interests as a couple. Don't be afraid to explore on what you can do for your themed wedding.

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