Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All about the Bridal Registry

A wedding registry or bridal registry isn't exactly a new idea in weddings. There have been many couples, I'm sure you know some, who have registered for wedding gifts for their big day. And now that it's your turn to celebrate this momentous occasion, you may be asking: Is it okay for us to have a bridal registry?

Truth is, there is nothing wrong with having a bridal registry. It's actually a good thing to do, especially if you want your guests to know what you would prefer as gifts. But of course, if you don't fee like registering for one, it's okay -- it isn't required you have one.

But if you plan to sign up for a wedding registry, remember that there are some do's and don'ts in informing your guests about it. For one, it would be rude to put the registry note inside your wedding invitation. You can send it along with your bridal shower invitation, or if you have an online wedding registry, you can put its link on your wedding website. That way, your guests would be informed where the registry is and what items are included. Of course word of mouth, via your parents, would also help.

Speaking of the items, also take into consideration the price range of the items you choose for your bridal registry. Make way for a wide price range -- remember that some of your guests have limited budget as well and may not be able to spend too much for an expensive cookware.

Aside from cookware, you can include dinnerware, linen, and other small appliances in your registry, especially if you're living in your new dream house after the wedding. Where you register is also important -- make it a bit easy for your guests to shop for your gifts included in the wedding registry. Department stores and specialized shops that are familiar to your guests are ideal places where you can have your bridal registry.

Remember, it is your big day, and it's okay if you desire to receive something you really want for your new home. But also remember there is a nice way to put it so asking for a particular gift won't come as rude. And also remember that while you may have your bridal registry, some guests would want to surprise you with something special that isn't included in your registry. Keep in mind these few tips and make your wedding preparation less worrisome.

Photo credit: Wedding gifts by CWMGary from sxc.hu.


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  2. hi sis! i think you got a spam up there at mukhang adult content pa..

    btw, just bought a wedding gift for a friend's wedding on the 16th of this month.. wala silang wedding registry, so i just decided buying a kitchen appliance.. sana magustuhan nila :D

  3. thanks for the heads-up, sis! deleted the spam comment already.

    congratulations and best wishes to your friend. i'm sure magugustuhan nila yan, it's a special gift because you thought of them when you bought it. :)