Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding flowers: Peonies

Roses, tulips, and calla lilies are pretty common wedding flowers. For those who want something different, make peony one of your choices.

A flower that usually grows during spring/summer, peonies are characterized by their full, rounded blooms. They also go well with any other flower and make the bouquet look round and lush. I think peonies are kinda rare here in the Philippines, but if I had a choice, I'd want them in my bouquet along with roses.

Peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, and good marriage, making them a good flower choice for your wedding bouquet. They could also mean bashfulness and compassion.

For brides looking into a spring/summer wedding, here are wedding bouquet inspirations that feature peonies:

1st column, from top: Pink and white peonies from; Blue hydrangea and peonies from; Pink and White Rose and Peony Bridal Bouquet from; Metalina and amnesia roses with ivory peonies, black dill and crystal blush calla lilies from

2nd column, from top: Round bouquet of pink peonies, peach calla lilies, orange roses, white roses and berries from; White Icelandic poppies, tree peonies and narcissus from; Red peonies and deep pink cymbidium orchids from; Orchids and peonies from


  1. Totally in love with those group of wedding flowers

  2. Nice posting..thanks for sharing a different color ofwedding flowers..i hope making something like these to my wedding...