Monday, August 16, 2010

Inspiration board - White

My apologies for not posting for quite a while. Just had to move from Photoshop to Gimpshop, which meant I had to learn something new. But I digress...

In wedding etiquette, it's been said that it's the bride who should be the only one wearing white, the color of purity and chastity. But what if the bride wants an all-white wedding? As in with everyone in the entourage wearing white?

It's actually possible, but can be quite a challenge since everyone would be wearing the same color -- and that may steal the limelight from the bride. But it can be pulled off, if planned carefully.

If you require your bridesmaids to be wearing white and your gown is also in that color, make sure that the design of your wedding dress would tell everybody that you are the bride. Make your wedding dress a little bit intricate compared to your maids' (but remember not to go overboard on the design and fabric, either). Let the surroundings add the accent to your color motif, such as the leaves of your bouquet, the warm wood hue of the pews, the chrome finish of the chairs in your reception, or even your gold jewelry.

When done right, an all-white wedding exudes of pure elegance. Here's an inspiration board to give you an idea on how to pull off a wedding with white as the color motif:

1st row, from left: Adorned in Pearls wedding invitation by; Cotton Cady Serena Dress from;Style FGD 2013 by; Nerissa hair accessory by

2nd row, from left: Aisle decor photo from; Style #5392 wedding dress from; Corsage, Victorian Triple Strand Ivory Pearl Bridal Necklace from

3rd row, from left: Love Birds Salt and Pepper Shakers by; Bridal Brunch Dessert Table from; Mixed Whites Wristlet from

4th row, from left: Lovett Hall tablescape from; Dainty Blossoms from; Roses with baby's breath by; RSVP Ivana from

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