Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Create Moodboards with BHLDN

BHLDN launches on its website a page wherein you can create your own moodboard. Here, you can mix and match dresses, accessories, and other items to make your very own inspiration board. You can start dragging and dropping photos on your chosen template or base your moodboard on the ones that have been done by BHLDN.

Just pick a template, then drag and drop photos, and you're done!
While the selections from the BHLDN images may be somewhat limited, what's nice about it is that you can upload your own photos from your computer and include them in your moodboard. Framing the images is also made easy because there are loads of moodboard templates ready for use.

I tried making a moodboard here and I found it really fun to do. Check out what I did:

My own BHLDN moodboard: Ruby, Granite, and Citrine.
You'll find tons of other moodboards made by other users over at the site, so check it out. Go ahead and make your own moodboard that can serve as an inspiration board for your own wedding!

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