Monday, July 11, 2011

Toilet Paper wedding dresses

Yes, you read that right. Cheap Chic Weddings held a contest on the best wedding dress creation using rolls and rolls of toilet paper. And you'd be surprised with how creative the entries were.

The winning dress was made of 4 rolls of toilet paper, glue, and packing tape:
Susan Brennan's flower-and-feather strapless dress wins her USD 1,000.
The 2nd place dress was also cute, with layers of ruffles for the skirt. This was made from 1-ply tissue, duct tape, spray adhesive, and first aid tape:
Laura Lee's strapless dress with layered ruffled skirt
I personally liked the 3rd place creation, which used 20 rolls of toilet paper to achieve the flowers and the frilly train:
Wonderful skirt and train details from Cynthia Richards' entry. Her daughter helped create this piece.
It's so wonderful how designers, professional and budding, can come up with amazing wedding dresses like these -- and they're even made from everyday household materials such as toilet paper! Just goes to show that creativity can go a long, long way.

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