Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finding your color(s)

One of the first things hubby and I thought of during the preparation stage was what color motif we were going to have. Yes, that was a big deal for us. Okay, so maybe for me.

He didn't want anything too feminine or girly, so initially we opted for his favorite color, which was green. But of course, brides have their way, one way or another, so I got him convinced to pick my favorite color, pink, as an accent.

Now the thing was, which shades to use?

Believe me, it took us weeks to decide what exact shades to use: celadon green, pomelo pink, fuchsia, emerald green, baby pink... heck, finding what shades match even made our heads ache.

Good thing I found the Color Studio over at Here, you can choose from numerous basic colors, spin the wheel, and see which shades go together. I kept on "spinning" the wheel until I found these shades: Pink + Lime + Pearl. Perfect! Well, we didn't include the Pearl color. But the combination of those shades were exactly what we were looking for.

Though this isn't exactly the effect it had on our actual wedding, it was something close to this. What we like about it is that the colors are light on the eyes and perfect for our morning ceremony.

You can find a lot of other combinations using your favorite color as base. Just a warning though -- this tool is very addictive. I couldn't stop clicking my mouse just to see all the other pretty combinations for wedding color motifs.

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