Monday, February 28, 2011

McWeddings: Something different (and easy on the budget, too)

Couples would usually go all out on their weddings. I remember during our wedding preps, I was very particular about the venue, the attire, and the food. Especially the food. For the buffet meal alone, we spent around US$1500. That's not including the charge for the venue, dresses, photography, and everything else.

Some people would pull out all the stops and splurge more or less US$22,000 for everything. But there are still some brides- and grooms-to-be who choose to be a bit more on the frugal side, cutting down costs here and there.

Fortunately, for couples-to-wed in Hong Kong, McDonald's is out to help them have a unique and memorable wedding without overspending. McWeddings is the food chain's newest venture which is sure to attract future brides and grooms who are on a fairly tight budget.

A milkshake toast for the bride and groom!
For just around US$1,280, they can avail of the wedding package which is inclusive of McDonald's treats that are transformed into wedding wonders: food and drinks for 50 people, and a cake made of stacked Apple Pies. Invitations, decor, and gifts for guests are also included in the package. The crew takes the extra mile to make this occasion special for the couple as they come in dressed in black suits, just as ushers and waiters in a hotel would.

Yes, McDonald's is not just a venue for kiddie parties anymore. With McWeddings, they've broadened the reach of the clientele -- and eventually helping out couples on a budget create a fun, magical and special wedding day.

Photo credit: The New York Times website

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  1. i just talked about mcweddings in my recent post! I think it's a nice idea but I doubt I'd ever want it for myself. =D

    found you a while ago from kat corneo loves weddings' blog =D