Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding Invitation for Will and Kate's much-awaited union

A simple white invitation card with a gold emblem on top. Straightforward text printed in black. That's how the wedding invitation of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks like. From the looks of it, you can say that the Wedding of the Year would probably have a simple but meaningful ceremony. I'd like that for them. Two high-profile personalities don't need to have all the hoopla, don't you think?

Around 1,800 to 1,900 invites (UsMagazine and AllVoices released different numbers) have been sent out for the biggest event in Britain that will happen this April. Of course, royalty from neighboring countries will be invited. Don't know who the other guests will be. But it's definitely not me. Hahaha!

We're starting to see more details on the upcoming Royal Wedding. I'll sure be posting those updates here soon.

Photo credit: AllVoices.com

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  1. that's definitely a HUGE wedding!

    the invite was quite simple so I really like it~